Electronic Systems

Distributed Power Control and Monitoring

The Carling Technologies' OctoPlex® and OctoLite® systems puts the user in complete control of all AC and DC loads within the vessel. Utilizing an NMEA 2000® CAN bus network, system reliability and safety are achieved through a redundant architecture that eliminates single point failures.



Ideal for Larger Vessels; Redundant architecture reduces single point failure; Load shedding capabilities

  • OctoPlex Diagram
  • OctoPlex Touchscreen
  • OctoPlex AC Power Distribution Unit
  • OctoPlex DC Power Distribution Unit
  • OctoPlex Network Power Supply
  • OctoPlex SIU
  • OctoPlex Battery Monitor

Through the use of a Multi-Function Display, Carling Technologies has created a fully configurable and/or customizable user interface. Acting as the main human interface of the system, the Multi-Function Display brings the system functions, status reports and alarms directly to the user.



Ideal for Smaller Vessels; Features a bypass module for manual control of critical loads; Flexible, easy-to-use system

  • OctoLite Diagram
  • OctoLite Touchscreen
  • OctoLite CLMD
  • OctoLite CBMD
  • OctoLite VMM
  • OctoLite CKM

The OctoLite system puts the user in control while providing greater safety and reliability in an easy to operate system. This flexible-to-configure system includes devices such as multi-function touchscreen display, configurable keypad, multiplex switch module, solid-state power controller, bypass module, and AC distributed power module.


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